A mother of three young boys launched an exciting challenge after her eldest child inspired her to help fight climate change.

Hayley Mason, 39, of Crosthwaite, near Kendal, has opened a zero-waste store in South Lakeland in a bid to help the area go plastic-free.

The shop, Root’s Refill Pantry, on Quarry Rigg, in Bowness, encourages customers to bring their own reusable container, or collect brown paper bags from the counter, to fill with as much food as they would like.

Mrs Mason was inspired by her eldest son Ted, aged 11, who came home from school one day, ‘saddened’ and ‘shocked’ by what he had learned from an academic project.

“Ted was studying about plastic waste and the effects on the planet,” she said.

“He wants to be a marine biologist and when he found out how plastic waste affected our oceans it made him want to make a change.

“Quite bluntly, but honestly, he told me that it was our generation’s fault and if we wanted to have grandchildren we had to make changes.”

Since then, the family tried to go as plastic free as much as they could but due to cost and living on her husband’s salary it proved to be too difficult.

“We couldn’t afford to shop and avoid plastic completely.” said Mrs Mason. "And I know other families are in a similar situation, so I want this store to be accessible to everyone.

“This has been the biggest risk I’ve ever taken but I am loving every minute of it, and I am so proud of my children.”

The ‘weigh it your way’ grocery store sells a number of products from baking ingredients to pasta, oil, vinegars, nuts, and coffee to toiletries and household cleaning items.

The shop also provides a gluten-free section and healthy whole food produce.

“It’s not about changing your whole life,” said Mrs Mason.

“But hopefully this shop will help make it easier for customers to go plastic free.”