A plan to create a “green wall” on a fume-filled Kendal street have been shelved – after a report found it would have no discernible effect on air quality.

Kendal Town Council had planned on establishing a 3.2m wide band of plants covering part of South Lakeland House, 3m above the pavement, on the town’s Lowther Street.

The narrow, one-way street running between relatively tall buildings, is the busy main route for traffic heading south to north through town.

The council had planned to use large textured-leaf plant varieties to absorb dust particles and reduce toxic pollution – as well as “improve a particularly ugly wall and bland street scene”.

However, a report presented to the council concluded that its size would have no discernible effect on air quality in a “normal” street, let alone one with the unique features of Lowther Street.

The plans have now been temporarily shelved while the council considers its options. The same report advised that reducing emissions is “always the best and most effective option”.

The cost of the “green wall” was set at around £9,000 and was given planning permission by South Lakeland District Council in March.