We often hear that UK workers are less productive than their opposite numbers in France, Germany and other developed countries.

German workers produce as much in four days as Brits do in five.

It needn’t be like that and it can’t continue to be.

With the working-age population in Cumbria shrinking every year, employers have to find ways of making their employees more effective.

We have to do more with fewer people.

Contrary to popular myth, boosting productivity needn’t involve expensive capital investment in new equipment or technology.

You can make great strides by working with people and processes.

Part of our role at Cumbria Business Growth Hub is to help businesses like yours do exactly that. For more information, click here or call 0844 257 84 50.

For starters, we have more than 40 experienced advisers with the expertise to provide bespoke business solutions.

They can work with you to review and identify those areas of your business that could be improved.

And they can help develop and implement a tailored action plan specifically designed to improve business performance and help you take advantage of growth opportunities.

We can help you buy-in specialist expertise.

Our consultancy subsidy offers a 40 per cent grant, up to £4,000, towards working with a specialist on a variety of areas such as organisational development, people management or process improvement (eligibility criteria apply).

Find out more here.

And we can sign you up to Cumbria Forum, a fully-funded, six-month programme run by our partner Lancaster University Management School.

It enables you to hone leadership and management skills through masterclasses, company visits and workshops, and build a support network with other SMEs.

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PODCAST: Click here to hear Hazel Lowndes, an organisational development specialist, and Suzanne Caldwell, of Cumbria Business Growth Hub, explore how businesses can boost productivity.