An organisation designed to promote and support businesses in Carlisle is celebrating its continued growth.

Since 2015, Carlisle Ambassadors has been promoting and operating a business relationship community to engage with local businesses, through assisting them to network, learn, grow and build profitable partnerships.

Michelle Masters, Carlisle Ambassadors project lead, said it had now grown to include180 members.

She said: "We have seen a steady growth in our membership over the last four years and we hope to develop our membership further in the coming months and years.

“We firmly believe that building long term effective relationships through local business networking, opens up opportunities leading to business growth.

“As we all know spending time in the company of the right people is an investment in your business’s future... so come and join us at our next event and find out why you really need to include Carlisle Ambassadors in your business growth strategy.’’

The group aims to work with a variety of partners to build key relationships, with the overall objective of actively encouraging inward investment to sustain existing businesses and to encourage the growth of new high value businesses.

Alongside this the network aims to encourage the creation of a range of skilled, high quality job opportunities throughout the area to ensure the future growth of the city as a major economic and cultural hub in the north of England.

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