A new joint venture between two Kirkby Lonsdale businesses is aiming to take Cumbria’s visitor experience to the next level. 

Majik House and near neighbour Aquajade Bathrooms have joined forces to create the £850,000 luxury Absoluxe suites in the town’s Main Street 

Boasting four rooms themed around the four corners of the world, Absoluxe not only aims to raise the bar for visitor accommodation but also act as a unique marketing tool to show off the expertise and products of the two individual companies.

After 12 months of toil to renovate the building – once a bed and breakfast but latterly a hairdressers – the doors opened to its first visitors over Easter weekend.

Carol and Tim Burrow, of Majik House, and Zuzana and Philip Armstrong, of Aquajade hatched the plan to create Absoluxe during a weekend away in the French city of Lyon.

Mrs Burrow explained: “When we initially got together, we talked about the best way we could demonstrate to people what we are and what we do. It was really quite a natural thing to say ‘well let’s get them to stay in it!’.

“I think it is unique in the market. It is considering our base companies as well as this new company that we’ve formed to deliver it.”

Mr Burrow added: “We want to try and give people an experience. 

“By joining together and putting all of our experience and information gathered into one pot, we want the room to be exactly as it should be when guests arrive – the temperature, the music, hot towels.”

Mr Burrow also hailed Absoluxe as a “team Kirkby Lonsdale” effort, with local wood sourced for locally-based joiners to craft furniture, while Kirkby Lonsdale Chocolate Shop and Bath House supply snacks and toiletries for the rooms. Its branding, website and marketing materialised were produced by local agency Single Malt.

For a full behind-the-scenes look at Absoluxe, see the latest edition of in-Cumbria magazine at https://www.in-cumbria.com/magazines/