A Cumbrian company is donating £1000 worth of warm wellies to a national charity.

The Warm Welly Company - based at Walton, near Carlisle - has announced the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute (RABI) as its nominated charity for 2019.

The company will donate £1000 worth of its Warm Wellies and support RABI awareness campaigns.

The Warm Welly Company began over a decade ago as a farm diversification business.

It began by producing neoprene lined Wellies to keep children warm at lambing time. Today it has grown into a full-time business supplying wellies to fit all ages.

Simon Wood, owner of the Warm Welly Company, was approached last summer for a pair of Warm Wellies as a prize for a North West Regional Fundraising event.

Since then he has been building stronger links with the organisation and was keen to offer wider support.

The Warm Welly Company has promised Warm Wellies for RABI teams right across the UK – to be used to help their fundraising activities. The Warm Welly Company will also be providing Warm Welly giveaways for the RABI social media #WellyWeek campaign later in the year.

Simon said: “Farming is a hard environment and can also be a lonely place to work. We met some of the RABI volunteers at the Christmas Carol services and immediately saw their passion and enthusiasm.

“We chatted to Georgina Lamb, RABI North West Regional Manager who explained how they help farmers and farmworkers of all ages. It struck a chord with us because we wanted to support a rural charity that focuses on farming families. RABI is a great sole to soul fit.”