NORTHERN has failed to reach targets throughout 2018 according to new figures.

Statistics released by the Furness Line Action Group show in 2018, Northern trains on routes including the Furness Line and those running through Cumbria in and out of Manchester, have failed to hit franchise targets.

The franchise requirements for Northern states 92.8 per cent of services must arrive early, on time or less than five minutes late.

Additionally, less than 1.7 per cent of services should be cancelled, part cancelled or more than 30 minutes late.

Throughout 2018, Northern only managed a minimum of 3.3 per cent of services arriving more than 30 minutes late or being cancelled in some way.

Between April and May, almost 25 per cent of trains in Cumbria, coming in and out of Manchester arrived more than 30 minutes late or were or cancelled in some way.

Robert Parker, from the Furness Line Action Group said: “Northern have not done what was expected.

“We have not get what we should have got.

“A lot needs to be done to even come close to reaching the franchise requirements.

John Woodcock, Barrow and Furness MP, said: “These stats are pretty dire but unfortunately do not come as a surprise given the chaos passengers have been facing across the north over the last year.

“Not only are we seeing a steep decline in service efficiency across the North and locally in Cumbria, but we are also seeing Northern consistently missing their franchise targets for the last three years running.

“Recent performance has been significantly better but Northern must show they are capable of sustaining this, and deliver the train and frequency upgrades that passengers deserve.”

A spokesman for Northern said: “We know our performance during the past 12 months has not been what we, or our customers, expect and we are very sorry for that.

“Customers in Cumbria faced particular difficulties following the introduction of the May 2018 timetable and we recently introduced a 25 per cent discount to give something back.

“Performance has been improving in 2019 and this year will also see the introduction of new trains, the retirement of Pacers and the refurbishment of the rest of our trains.

“We will also provide better ticket buying facilities and improve our stations.”