A soft play business has begun running sleepover parties as part of its growing children’s entertainment offerings.

Hardy Soft Play Hire, based in Sedbergh, has launched the party packages called ‘Once Upon a Time Sleepovers’ for families in the area, following a popular trend for sleepover parties in America and Australia.

Jenette Hardy, who runs Hardy Soft Play Hire with husband Daniel, said: “Our aim is to capture the imagination of children and create a magical slumber party experience that’s filled with comfort and fun.

"We’ll simply go into their homes and transform an area into a sleepover wonderland.

“Over the last five years since we started the business, we’ve found that we’re always on the lookout for new and unique party ideas.

"We were aware that sleepover parties were gaining momentum abroad, but not in Cumbria.

“From speaking to parents, we understand that they want something that’s different, exciting and memorable for their children’s parties – while also wanting it to be simple, well-priced and convenient from the organisational side too.

"That’s why we decided to launch our own sleepover parties.

“Nowadays, there’s much debate about how much time children spend playing on iPads and game consoles.

"We truly believe this is a lovely way for children to just be children, and to enjoy a fun evening together.

"Despite only launching in January, we’ve had a great deal of interest from parents and a number of bookings, so we’re really pleased to be able to bring this service to families in Cumbria.”