A man who sold his house and quit his job at Sellafield is now living his dream of cycling around the world.

Ian Finlay, 51, a keen cyclist from Keswick, has set aside two years to see the planet and try new things along the way.

“I decided to go on a bike tour around Europe then it just grew,” he said.

“I spoke to my sons and they said, you have wanted to do this for years. Just do it.

“I was leaving work, I had sold my house, so I thought, I’m not tied down to anything. I had turned 50 as well.

“I had been reading books about cycling the world for such a long time. I thought, I’m never going to get this chance again.”

Ian is documenting his journey on his Facebook page, ‘My Endless Summer’ and plans to write a book about his experience when he gets home.

His journey is being followed by hundreds of people from all over the world – many from the countries he has travelled to. 

“The people I have come across along the way are so lovely. It’s really nice the offers you get.”

Ian said the support he has received online has been “really nice”.

“Although I am by myself, I don’t feel that way at all. I get a lot of support on Facebook.”

So far Ian has travelled around Europe and Asia, starting off in Amsterdam before moving on to countries including Belgium, Germany, France, Vietnam and Thailand.

He said: “I have so many places that I want to go. There are 43 countries I’ve got in mind.

“I like to keep it open. I don’t have accommodation booked – just to scare myself a little bit! I go to coffee shops and then just look for somewhere to stay. It’s day by day.”

Although there have been a few setbacks, including a fall from his bike and a burst tyre that left him stranded, Ian is enjoying the experience and wants to inspire others to fulfil their ambitions.

He said: “The Facebook page is about making people see they should do what they want to do, instead of talking about it. 

“Thank you for all the support I am getting from all over the world.”