Uncertainties around Brexit and how it will impact the rural sector remains among the top concerns for farmers in 2019, a solicitor has revealed.

The warning comes as the specialist rural team at regional law firm Napthens has revealed it has now signed up more than 60 farmers to its Farm Future service.

Farm Future from Napthens is aimed at supporting farmers through the practical issues and challenges they face – such as running and developing a successful farming business, owning and managing land, complying with regulations and succession planning.

Andrew Holden, head of rural at Napthens, said the service had grown faster than expected.

He said: “We know from speaking to clients that they are facing a range of pressures and concerns as they plan for 2019, and the team reports that chief among these is the uncertainty around Brexit.

“Businesses are concerned about the possible lack of workforce with many growers and pickers struggling to recruit a European workforce even before Brexit.

“There are other worries too such as the changing exchange rate which could impact the Basic Payment exchange rate or import/export prices.

“Away from Brexit, many in the industry are looking to the future and seeing concerns over the increasing age of those working in the farming sector. This may be because the current generation cannot let go of the reins, or are perhaps unable to do so thanks to the lack of a retirement fund away from the farm."