Managers can learn how to deal with mental health issues in the workplace at workshops being held in Cumbria.

The Centre for Leadership Performance is running the events to ensure managers and leaders are confident enough to deal effectively with workplace challenges, and build their capability and personal qualities.

Mental and emotional wellbeing have a positive impact on employee satisfaction, motivation and performance.

The day-long course Positive Mental Health at Work: Lessons for Leaders shares practical tips and tools, helping employers to talk about and promote positive changes in the workplace.

It will cover key elements including identifying the signs of poor mental health and how to address them, implementing work practices and conditions that promote positive mental health, and enabling delegates to articulate the link between good mental health, wellbeing and performance.

Catherine Eve, who delivers the course on December 12 at the CforLP offices in Cockermouth, said: “Many managers are reluctant to engage in conversation about mental health.

"This course will give them the confidence to talk about mental and emotional health, help them to identify support for staff, and provide guidance on creating an environment that promotes mental and emotional wellbeing.”

Confidence itself is the focus of a second day-long course designed to empower employees and managers to believe in their own abilities, to make decisions and handle challenges from people who disagree with them.

Maintaining Your Confidence, on December 6, will identify what triggers a lack confidence and how our unconscious patterns cause us to behave confidently, or not.

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