As a truly global business who have a hard-earned reputation for selling the specialist, prestigious and distinctive properties, prominent throughout the area, they seem to be a perfect fit.

Add into that mix that the new business on Warwick Road in Carlisle is headed by Helen Miller, the well-known and highly respected estate agent.

Helen is from Carlisle and has worked in the property business for most of her adult life.

Experienced she may be, but needless to say she needs support and she has surrounded herself with a skilled, local team, who have worked in the industry for a number of years and know and understand the market.

Of course, it also helps that Fine & Country in Penrith was also established by Helen and her husband, Nick.

They’ve built a successful business over the years and it soon became obvious that Carlisle and its surrounds should be the next step for such a prestigious organisation.

“Fine & Country have over 300 offices throughout the world,” says Helen with her usual bubbly enthusiasm, “which really gives us the best of both worlds.

Your home can be seen by buyers from just about anywhere and yet my team have the skills and inside knowledge to highlight that unique and aspirational Cumbrian lifestyle.

"We know that people tend to buy in Cumbria for the lifestyle a property provides, as much as the bricks and mortar and it’s important that’s what we can reflect.”

Fine & Country have the experience to understand home buyers mentality and have developed sophisticated marketing tools to help to make properties even more inspirational.

It’s not only using national and international advertising and major online portals, but the highest quality particulars created by local property experts.

What’s more, their offices in Park Lane, London, create the perfect environment to reach both investors and an international audience.

Of course, high quality service is also essential and Fine & Country have, as usual, been very careful and intelligent in the people they select to carry their name.

The new Carlisle business will operate in a style that is aiming to exceed Fine & Country’s 98 per cent approval rating.

For instance, when you put your home on the market you will always deal with a director, but be safe in the knowledge that there is a full team working in the background to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

“Buying and selling your home is one of the most stressful things most people do,” says Helen. “It’s an essential part of our remit to take away as many of the stresses and strains as possible.

"We of course, want to get the best possible price for your home, but also to make sure that the whole process runs as effortlessly as possible.”

For further information:

Fine & Country, 50 Warwick Rd, Carlisle, CA1 1DN. Tel 01228 583109

Website link: