Like many readers of this column I’ve taken some time out to go and see the new Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.

Witty, brilliant and bold cinema. It’s no surprise that it’s selling out audiences and bringing people back for second… and in some cases, third… viewings!

But digging deeper than the frivolity, sequins and harmonies, it wasn’t so much entertainment as a life lesson.

No, I’m not talking about giving every cat their own bedroom*, but about something a little more meaningful.

So, this month, in honour of Freddie, Brian, John and Roger – here are my Killer Queen life lessons.

Look for the potential

It was dramatised for the screen of course, but didn’t everyone in the audience suck the hindsight-filled air through their teeth when poor Tim Staffell announced his departure from the Taylor-May-Stafell trio of Smile. “Humpy Bong!!!” exclaimed his bandmates in exasperation on learning who Tim was leaving them for – but Stafell had ambition and at that moment Smile were not moving as fast as Humpy Bong.

Within a month or so of leaving Smile, Staffell was on Top of the Pops and must have thought the move worthwhile.

However, the longer-term vision and talent of Taylor and May meant that when they finally hooked up with Mercury and Deacon they were soon surpassing the expectations of their old bandmate.

Of course, we could also call this life lesson – Get the right person for the job.

Make the set-up work for you

One of my favourite scenes in the film is the first gig with the new frontman.

Mercury looks like he’s going to absolutely throw it. Does he know the lyrics, has he suddenly got stage fright, and does he not know how to work the microphone?

But as the chaotic scene unfolds and Freddie finally frees the microphone from its static position of the floor and starts strutting around the stage to the delight of the audience (who finally stop shouting “where’s Tim?”) you’ve just learned a really important lesson from the school of Mercury.

If, to be the best you that you can be, you need the microphone to move when it’s stuck to the floor – don’t adapt to stand still, rip it out of the holder so you can do your own thing.

This is one of the most crucial issues for BEC. As a property company we are operating in an industry that is typically cut-throat and profit driven.

While we believe in making a profit, we believe in doing so for a purpose. We seek to develop property portfolios that are sustainable, low carbon and bring positive changes to the environment they sit in.

This is what we call our low carbon golden thread and it touches everything we do.

Furthermore, our profits are all recycled back into the company for the ultimate benefit of our communities and the enhancement of the principles that sit behind our golden thread.

To stay true to these low carbon values and do the right thing by our communities, we have to rip the microphone out of the holder and positively change the environment we operate in.

It’s not always conventional but it is necessary.

Don’t surround yourself with yes-men

The “family values” of Queen come across right from the start.

These four are at their personal and professional best when they are all collaborating.

As Mercury gets increasingly involved with Paul Prenter, he becomes segregated from his “family” and embarks on … let’s face it… a lacklustre solo career.

Surrounded by musicians who do exactly what he wants, he soon discovers the Queen magic is gone.

Cue the touching reunion where Freddie begs for a challenge from his band mates and they unite to build something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Be the person you were born to be

There isn’t much of an explanation needed for this one. Just remember, no one is going to be you for you – and only you need to live with your choices.

Like Queen’s gutsy walk out over the refusal to release Bohemian Rhapsody as a six-minute radio-busting single – stick to your convictions and know your self worth. Ultimately, stay true to your personal values and the rest will follow.

* if you didn’t get the cat reference … you need to see the film!