THE owners of a new shop are eager to help present exquisite pieces of art to the town they love. 

Terry and Fay Powley taken over an empty property in Market Street, Dalton, and transformed it into a gallery and gift shop for local arts and crafts. 

The pair embarked on their journey after Mr Powley left his 30-year-long career in the RAF.

Now they have converted a former sweet shop into an artist's haven offering framing services and selling a range of different gifts. 

Mrs Powley said: "We like Dalton and we want to encourage people to come and see it. 

"We've rented a shop and we're doing picture framing and a gift gallery.

"We're using pictures from local artists from the surrounding area and we're selling handmade ceramics and glassware as well."

Support local talent is of the highest importance to the couple who are eager to help promote the town and area they cherish. 

"We try to keep it local," said Mrs Powley. 

"It helps other small local businesses because they are going to be using products from other local businesses so it's nice to keep it as local as we can."

She continued: "If we can do that it promotes growth in other areas and promotes interest in our own area. 

"It's really important, if you live somewhere you should try and support it."

The idea hatched after Mr Powley left the RAF and began to look for new work. 

After leaving the forces, he was required to go on a resettlement course to prepare him for new lines of work and it was then that Mr Powley fell in love with the idea. 

Now, the pair are committed to creating beautiful frames to complement an artist's work and finding a way to help enhance the picture. 

Mrs Powley said: "A beautiful frame can just make the picture. 

"You can go and get all kinds of pretty frames but the whole idea of it is to display the art in a better way. 

"It has to really make a difference. 

"It's not just a picture in a pretty frame - it has t make the most of the art.

"They have to work together and it has to show off the art to the best possible advantage."

Mr and Mrs Powley are determined to provide the best possible service to their customers and help introduce more people to the artistic talents of the area. 

Mrs Powley said: "I'm nervous - it's a big change from what we've done in the past but I'm very excited as well. 

"It's a completely new experience as well. 

"I'm excited for people to come in, have a look and hopefully see that we've got something for everyone."

Pics being taken Friday afternoon