Three Cumbrian software developers have launched a new piece of tech which could spawn a whole raft of new digital inventions.

Cumbrians Ben Pawle, Phil Gilbanks and Joe Rickerby are part of a team of five which has created Tingbot, a piece of hardware which is powered by the ‘Raspberry Pi’ system.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized, very simple computer, often used to teach basic computer science and coding in schools.

The Tingbot, which started out as a university project, allows people to use their Raspberry Pi to create almost anything, from a retro games console, to an effects controller for a guitar or even to provide a live camera feed.

Users will also be able to create apps on the Tingbot device.

Over time as more and more people get creating using Tingbot, users will be able to share their creations online and download apps created by others.

The device is designed to be simple to get started with, and is aimed at both experienced developers and those who are entirely new to coding.

Ben, Phil and Joe helped develop the project alongside Ken and Duncan Smeed as part of the NORD collective of designers and developers.

Ben said: “We want to make coding and getting creative with technology as accessible for people as possible. Tingbot transforms complex, scary electronics into a fun, cool product that you can make apps for, really easily!

“I've spent my life making things out of all kinds of materials - cereal boxes, tape, paint, glue and string.

“The next generation of makers and inventors have a whole new world of materials at their fingertips, requiring new creative tools to unlock their potential. If Tingbot played a part in this journey, that would be amazing.”

The project initially came about after the group wanted to design a platform to play their ‘’ app, which allows users to share animated gifs, but soon realised the device was capable of being used for much more.

The Kickstarter aims to raise £40,000 by Wednesday, December 2 so that it can start being manufactured, and be on the market by May 2016.

The campaign was launched on Monday, November 2, and as of November 4 has already raised over £11,000 toward its goal, as well as being featured as a ‘staff pick’ on the Kickstarter website.

For more information and to donate toward the Kickstarted campaign, visit: