The infant formula business that took over the Heinz factory in Kendal has secured a contract with the NHS.

Kendal Nutricare will supply 24 different unique whole-milk Kendamil Infant Formula and cereals ranges to hospitals across the UK via the NHS Supply Chain, over a two-year period.

Kendamil is the only infant formula available that is made in Britain and uses whole milk from dairy herds in Cumbria and north Lancashire.

Buyers in NHS hospitals can now choose Kendamil products for their maternity units and baby and paediatric care units.

Kendal Nutricare’s chief executive, Ross McMahon, said: "We are delighted to be working in partnership with the NHS Supply Chain.

“Whilst Kendal Nutricare is a relatively new company, many of our workforce have over two decades’ experience in making infant formulas and cereals here in Kendal and they have together created our unique whole-milk Kendamil product range.

“They can take pride in the fact that we are now making it available to mothers via the NHS Supply Chain.”

By using whole milk, rather than skimmed milk, Kendal Nutricare products can give an infant energy, help induce better sleep and avoid constipation and digestion issues.

Currently nine products are available on the NHS Supply Chain with 15 more to join in the coming months, including Anti-Colic, Anti-Reflux and Regurgitation, Halal, Kosher and Lactose-Free infant formulas.