COPELAND MP Jamie Reed has called on the Government to push plans for a multi-billion pound tidal power project off the Workington coast.

Speaking in the House of Commons last week, Mr Reed said the tidal lagoon project would help turn West Cumbria into the "engine room" of the national effort in tackling climate change.

He said: "I am a long-standing advocate of a tidal lagoon project in Workington, which could be the largest in the world, providing seven per cent of our electricity needs, along with thousands of jobs and helping to regenerate an area of traditional market failure.

"We should do everything we can to ensure that this project is developed as quickly as possible. Climate change wears no party colours."

Earlier in the year it was revealed the tidal project, planned for just north of Allonby, would be put on the back burner by the company behind it.

Tidal Lagoon Power announced its proposals in 2014, but despite feasibility studies being carried out, the firm decided to concentrate on its first two lagoon projects in Swansea Bay and Newport, in Wales.

It said plans had been set back after negotiations over how much public money it would need stalled.

Mr Reed also highlighted the urgency of the nuclear new build project at Moorside, Sellafield.

He said: "At Moorside, where three AP1000 Toshiba-Westinghouse reactors are shortly due to begin construction, my constituency will soon provide another seven per cent of our electricity needs with clean, CO2-free electricity generation, providing thousands of well-paid jobs.

"West Cumbria and my constituency of Copeland could and should be the engine room of this national effort.

"It is my hope that the Government will prioritise both the schemes as a matter of urgency."