THE company with plans to bring nuclear new build to Cumbria has attended an industry event in Japan.

NuGen, which has plans to develop a plant at Moorside, near Sellafield, was represented at the UK-Japan Nuclear Industry Forum 2017, held at the British Embassy in Tokyo.

Companies from Japan and the UK discussed opportunities for working together at this event.

Representatives from the UK nuclear industry - including NuGen and Toshiba, Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster and the Nuclear British Government’s Department for International Trade.

NuGen's chief executive Tom Samson said: “Both countries are at the leading edge of the nuclear industry, have a wealth of experience and have a great deal to offer each other in helping progress projects such as Moorside.”

West Cumbria already has links with the Japanese nuclear industry in the research and decommissioning sector and more than one third of the UK’s civil nuclear sector based in the region close to Moorside, the region is rightly known as the UK’s Centre of Nuclear Excellence.