A west Cumbrian haulage firm has been recognised at a national industry awards ceremony.

Handed out at Peterborough Arena, the Heavies recognise the work being done in the heavy and abnormal load industries.

Lawsons Haulage, based on Gote Road in Cockermouth, took home two awards on the night: job of the year and innovation of the year – trailer medium weight.

The winning job of the year involved moving 34-metre (111.6ft) loads on a route that included a city centre and a small village.

Lawsons’ experience in this sector showed through in its thorough planning, use of the right equipment and excellent execution and the award judges said that it was “a great example of thorough planning and good execution”.

The innovation of the year was one of director Raymond Lawson’s own design, as he helped to develop a new tilting trailer which remains the only one in the country.

The company made use of high- quality components to create an innovative solution that makes it far simpler to move wide loads.

The award judge noted that it was a “novel use of proven technology in a new application, bringing real benefits to the customer”.

Pauline Lawson said: “Walking back to the table and seeing dad’s face, a huge wave of emotion came over me, quite overwhelming, pride and tears rolled. What must have gone through dad’s mind to think he and mum set off with one small cattle wagon and everyone has worked so hard to build and grow our company to where it is today, one of the most innovative and successful family- owned haulage businesses.”

A spokesman for the firm said: “The two awards are a great achievement and recognition for the hard work and dedication shown by the director’s and all the staff at Lawsons Haulage.

“This was our first attendance at the Heavies Awards and to walk away with two awards was unbelievable. The second award of the night touched director Raymond Lawson, who has put a lot of thought, time, energy and dedication into helping develop the new tilting trailer, which is the only one in the country.”