Two friends who have known each other since their schooldays have started a business based around sparkling wine and Italian beer.

Siobhan Rooke and Kayele Clifton have set up Fabulous Flutes, which will see them travel to events in a specially designed van to serve prosecco and Peroni lager.

They already have another company which they run together - Advanced Digital Media, in Marl Business Park, Ulverston, where this new firm will also be based - and are excited about their new venture.

Miss Rooke said: "We can use this as a marketing vehicle as well."

The van is Piaggio 850 and has been specially designed. Both drinks can be served on tap and the women will be serving bottles too.

They are both 30 and Miss Rooke lives in Barrow while Miss Clifton lives in Dalton.

They met when they were children at different schools and competed against each other in netball and rounders events. Both went on to work in sales for the same company before leaving to set out on their own.

"You have to be competitive when you are in sales," jokes Miss Rooke.

This business will see them travel to events like weddings as well as festivals across Cumbria.