A law firm with offices in Cumbria has confirmed its commitment to bring on the next generation of solicitors by taking on more trainee solicitors.

Napthens, which operates in Kendal, has appointed three new trainee solicitors and switched another two existing employees to trainee positions, in what it has described as its largest-ever annual intake.

Eight trainee solicitors have been appointed this years including new recruits Sheroze Nadeem, Stephanie Wiggans and Will Bowyer. Nikita Passi and Charlotte Rumsey have been moved from existing positions with the firm to trainee roles.

They are the second intake this year for Napthens who have offices across the region.

In March this year Kirsty Halsted, Foridha Yasmin and Georgina Vokes, were taken on to train up as solicitors.

Shru Morris, CEO of Napthens, said: “This is a significant commitment from Napthens to helping train the next generation of solicitors.

“This region has a strong professional services sector, which offers a range of opportunities for young solicitors.

"We are keen to nurture this talent and put Napthens on the map as an attractive prospect for future generations of lawyers.

“We want the firm to be seen as a place to grow and develop skills, while working for major clients across the region as we believe we offer a genuine alternative to large city law firms.

“We’ve seen real growth over recent years and plan to build on this success.

"This year’s intake of trainees will play an important part of our growth story.”