A thriving Cumbrian building firm has taken on a highly qualified new director.

Mario Mezzullo has joined Carlisle-based Croft View Construction, where he will work with founder of the company, former professional rugby player Adam Pate.

Mario has been construction manager on several high-volume housing projects.

Before moving to Croft View Construction, Mario, who started his career as an apprentice joiner, worked for Story Contracting where he headed up several projects including Story Homes’ offices at Kingmoor Park in Carlisle and Story Contracting’s Training Centre and head office refurbishment in Burgh Road.

He then moved to Reiver Homes - the housing division of Story Contracting - writing new policies and procedures and building up a production team for its house-building operations.

Based at Croft View’s offices at Rosehill, Mario said: “I’m at a very exciting time in my career where I can use all my experience and knowledge within the construction industry to bring Croft View Construction onto bigger and better things.

“There will be a lot of hard work ahead, but I can’t wait to get stuck in.

"My aim when dealing with a customer’s project is to have honest and open communication and to do a good job. They’re happy, I’m happy.”

Adam who has played rugby with Barrow Raiders, added: “I have known for a while that we would benefit from someone with Mario’s experience to the point that when we were talking about who we needed, I would say, ‘We need a Mario!’

"So, I couldn’t have been happier when it turned out I could have the Mario!

“He’s brought so much to the company, it’s exceeded my expectations, the company is running more efficiently.

"Mario has all the same principles and visions for Croft View as I have: delivering a high-quality job smoothly and efficiently.

"All our procedures and processes have tightened. It’s really enabled me to focus on future business and the company profile.”