Friday, 04 September 2015

Youth groups win £17,850 council help

A NUMBER of youth projects have received a funding boost.

POSITIVE DIFFERENCE: Councillor Ray Guselli

By Gareth Jones

County councillors in Barrow have awarded £17,850 to help fund a variety of youth-related projects across the area.

Barrow Local Committee approved plans to provide £2,400 for Dare Dance, towards the cost of providing opportunities for children to get involved in dancing when they otherwise may be unable to afford it.

The Barrow-based Octopus Collective will receive £450 to help fund a music and movement project, which provides activities for children, and young people with autism and £2,000 has been allocated to the support art projects under the Celebrating Youth initiative to give young people the opportunity to work with creative artists.

A grant of £5,000 towards a social care funding pot specifically for children leaving care in the Barrow was also agreed.

A total of £5,000 has been awarded to the ‘get connected’ child poverty reduction pilot project, to provide support for activities for the Central and Hindpool areas, and The Pit Stop project has been awarded £3,000 to help fund a project which advances young people’s education through practical and classroom based activities involving motor vehicles and joinery skills.

Councillor Ray Guselli, chairman of Barrow Local Committee said: “The money we’re providing is aimed at helping these excellent schemes and groups to continue making a positive difference to the lives of young people across Barrow.

“I am delighted that as a local committee we’re about to support these projects and we recognise the valuable contribution they make to our communities.”


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