Monday, 31 August 2015

Young Barrow festival-goers jump at chance to make some noise

BOOMS, bangs and clangs aren’t the usual sounds made from a bouncy castle, however a project brought new life to the inflatable object at the weekend.

Sound Network installed their ‘Bouncy Castle Development Platform’ – a sound generating play area – at Barrow Park on Friday and Saturday.

Using some of the latest technology, the inflatable makes a different noise with every jump – something which resulted in queues of children wanting to test it out.

Organiser John Hall, who helped to bring the project to the Full of Noises Festival, said: “We wanted to introduce something and to show a different way of using sound.

“It’s good to provide something for young people rather than just for adults.

“I don’t think there is a better way to introduce this sort of technology to children.

“We really wanted to entertain them and show sound being used as an art form and as a bit of fun.

“The response has been really great. We even had one parent say their child wanted one in their back garden!”

Contact microphones placed around the bouncy castle capture the sound created from each jump. They are then processed and transformed into noise using bass feedback and played out via speakers.

Put simply – the faster you jump, the quicker and louder the noise generated.

Artist Simon Jones said: “The technology itself isn’t particularly new but the way we are using it here is. It’s really exciting to see it in operation.

“The jumps, depending on their intensity and frequency, are processed to make different sounds.

“It allows people to interact with each other in a really cool way.”

The bouncy castle proved to be very popular with children as more than 200 had a turn on Friday.

After having a go, seven-year-old Fue Akama, whose mother is performing in the festival, said: “I’ve been on bouncy castles before but I’ve never been on one that makes noises.

“It was really fun as the more you bounce, the more noise comes out.

“I wish every bouncy castle was like this!”

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