Tuesday, 01 September 2015

Whitehaven School's prefects on parade

NEARLY 100 prefects have been appointed at Whitehaven School to help their peers and make a difference in the classroom.

The students from Year 11, 12 and 13 aim to set a good example to fellow pupils and ensure the school rules are kept.

The scheme was launched at the school two weeks ago and headteacher, Frank Anderson says “the kids have been absolutely fantastic”.

He said: “We wanted to give the students a voice. They are loving it. It gives them more responsibility, more of a say and pride in the school.”

The prefects are guided by head boy, Sam Bayliss; head girl, Shona Macleod and their deputies Tristan Doyle and Rachel Bass.

Mr Anderson said: “Prefects have various roles and they have engaged with this challenge with a dedicated and mature attitude.”

He said their duties extend to making sure the school rules and the general philosophy of the school is upheld at all times and to act as good examples to other students in terms of attitude and behaviour, uniform, punctuality and attendance.

“Prefects provide a friendly face which other students can both confide in and ask for help from,” Mr Anderson said.

There are senior prefects who are Post-16 students overseeing younger students and helping the other prefects when they can. The school has six lead prefects from Year 11 who undertake the responsibility of guiding and helping their peers from the same year group. The scheme also involved form representatives from that year group.


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