Friday, 04 September 2015

Teaching organisations to merge into agency

TWO teaching organisations are to merge to create a single agency focused on promoting high-quality teaching and school leadership.

The Teaching Agency and National College for School Leadership are to join forces.

The move is the next stage in the government’s reform programme to raise standards in schools, with the best leaders and best teachers working together to develop a self-improving school system.

The new agency will lead on delivering school workforce reforms. Its remit will include teacher training, continuous professional development and supporting school improvement to address under-performance in the education system. It will build on the best from the Teaching Agency and National College, and will work in new ways to support the school-led system.

The new agency will formally come into effect by the end of March 2013.

Education secretary Michael Gove said: “All the international evidence shows that nothing matters more in raising standards than the quality of teaching and leadership in our schools.

“We can now ensure that the training of the next generation of teachers and school leaders is better coordinated and more rigorous.”

Charlie Taylor, the chief executive of the Teaching Agency, has become the chief executive of both the Teaching Agency and National College, and he will also lead the new agency as its chief executive.

Mr Taylor said: “I am delighted to be taking over as the chief executive of the National College and the Teaching Agency. I think the decision to merge makes very good sense and there is a clear rationale for the new organisation.

“Together, we will support the best schools, the best leaders and the best teachers to lead the improvement of the capability of the school workforce. Teaching Schools and Academy chains will be at the heart of these changes with outstanding head teachers working to create the best school system in the world.”


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