Thursday, 03 September 2015

Sentamu opens new business interaction centre

A new era of economic development in Carlisle was hailed last night when the city’s first Business Interaction Centre was officially opened.

BIC opening
Dr John Sentamu declares the Business Interaction Centre open

The University of Cumbria’s centre was opened by it’s Chancellor, the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu, who cut the ribbon at a reception, declaring that the BIC was a “wonderful thing”.

Organisers are hailing the centre as the beginning of a new future of business development in the city, with Dr Sentamu saying it would encourage more enterprise among students.

The centre is based on Paternoster Row and aims to provide a link between students, academics and industry.

Carlisle City Council leader Cllr Colin Glover said the centre addressed a need for better business links in Carlisle.

“The BIC is fundamental to supporting economic growth in the city. In 2010 the city council commissioned a report into knowledge based incubation," said Cllr Glover.

“The report outlined the need for a facility in the city which would support business and entrepreneurs to develop and grow. The BIC directly responds to this need.”

Dr Sentamu added: “I think we have done a wonderful thing to bring this building back to life. May BIC keep writing, keep enterprising and keep growing.

“I am very grateful that the council and local businesses are in partnership and I hope it will be the kind of partnership where everyone will play an equal part.

“This BIC is intending that everyone can work together, talk across the table, behind the table, and above the table.”

University of Cumbria Vice Chancellor Peter Strike added: “Unusually as a university we have the economic welfare of the county written into our founding principles, it was one of the reasons why we were created. The BIC is absolutely terrific in allowing us to deliver on that.”

David Kinsella runs his business, Incorporate Digital from the BIC, and is already reaping the benefits.

He said: “The BIC is absolutely brilliant, I live in Great Orton and only get 0.3 mb/s internet which isn’t good enough but it is much better here.

Being in the centre of Carlisle is really good and being able to separate work and home life is great. The staff here are friendly and helpful.

“I have had advice on bookkeeping, tax and that side of it. It is very cheap to be in the BIC as well.”

A programme of workshops and events is already taking place in the centre, with would-be entrepreneurs getting advice from business experts.



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