Saturday, 05 September 2015

Rockers are role models for Ulverston pupils

THEY may not be children of the revolution but they sure know how to rock out on stage.

Pupils from Croftlands Junior School performed alongside a leading T. Rex tribute act at the Coronation Hall on Saturday.

The performance was a warm-up to the evening’s concert by T-Rex – a tribute to Marc Bolan’s cult band.

The tribute act, which was set up by original band members Mickey Finn and Jack Green, now includes drummer Paul Fenton who toured with T.Rex and featured on several albums.

Pupils from Croftlands performed a selection of songs before joining T-Rex in a rendition of 20th Century Boy.

Year Five and Six class teacher at Croftlands Junior School, Simon Cross, said it was an unforgettable experience for the pupils.

He added: “It was a fantastic opportunity for the kids and they absolutely loved it.”

Some of the children who performed had only been learning their instrument for a few months, while others had been playing for several years.

Mr Cross said: “All the parents were really proud and we are very grateful that they got the opportunity to do this.”

Doug Gillam, who owns Gillam’s Tearoom in Market Street, helped arrange the performance, which featured his two daughters.

He said he knew one of the band members and decided to ask if the school kids could do a matinée performance next time the group came to Ulverston.

He added: “The kids were so excited and it was such a brilliant opportunity for them, playing alongside professional musicians.

“The band were really good with the kids and the kids had an amazing time – they did very well.”

Mr Gillam said he hoped there would be more similar shows in the future.

Meanwhile, Mr Cross said he has his sights set on following up the gig with a hit album.

He said: “The next thing I would like to do is go into the studio with them and do some recording.”


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