Friday, 04 September 2015

Prison for Barrow man who pestered mum for cash

A MAN described in court as a “pest” has been given six months’ jail for defying a restraining order to keep away from his mother’s home.

Andrew Nelson broke the order three times last month. At the time of his arrest he also had 35 tablets of a morphine substitute in his possession.

Judge Anthony Russell QC told Nelson that it was his repeated visits to his mother’s address, effectively begging her for money, that had made him a pest.

Nelson, 30, formerly of School Street, Barrow, pleaded guilty yesterday to two offences of acting in breach of a restraining order, plus one offence of possessing a Class A drug called Sevredol.

Furness magistrates had committed him to the higher court for sentencing for a separate offence of acting in breach of a restraining order.

The case at Preston Crown Court was dealt with via a prison video link system from Preston jail.

Nelson was made the subject of a restraining order last July. One condition was not to go within 100 metres of Margaret Nelson’s home on Kitchener Street, Walney. The other was not to cause her harassment, alarm or distress.

Mr Brian McKenna, prosecuting, said the defendant had been in custody and had been due to face a trial for a breach of the order on January 3. However, Nelson’s mother didn’t attend court and no evidence was offered against him.

Nelson was released that day and went to her home, where he stayed until January 8. On that day Mrs Nelson rang the probation service to say he was at her home.

Police were called and Mrs Nelson said she had asked him to leave, but he refused. Nelson was arrested and bailed, but two further breaches of the order took place on January 13.

He phoned his mother asking for food. She gave him £50, telling him to sort himself out. About two hours later though, Nelson went to her address and asked for another £20. Mrs Nelson then called police saying she had had enough.

Nelson was arrested and, when searched at the police station, was found to have 35 tablets of a morphine substitute on him.

Mr Andrew Scott, defending, said: “To put it bluntly, he is a pest. At the age of 30, in respect of the record he has, it’s time that he addressed his problems.’’

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