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‘Pop-up’ Ulverston shops scheme to breathe life into town

QUEEN of shops Mary Portas may not be on her way to Ulverston – but one of her innovative ideas could be.

SAD SIGHT One of a number of empty shops in Ulverston.

Temporary stores, or pop-up shops, are a creative way of reviving ailing high streets and encouraging new businesses.

Members of the Ulverston Community Partnership have suggested investigating the possibility of setting one up in the town later this year in a bid to encourage would-be entrepreneurs.

Jayne Kendall, who formally takes over as town clerk next month, said the idea could help those who are hesitant about setting up a new business for the first time.

She added: “We were talking about the idea of having the town council take on a short lease over the summer months and invite either charities or new businesses that wanted to experiment to go in.”

Although the idea is still in the early stages, it could see a vacant property being used for a month in the summer to showcase local business ventures.

The advantage for budding businesspeople, she said, would be that they could test their idea without many of the risks involved in setting up shop for the first time.

Mrs Kendall said the idea of pop-up shops is something retail expert Mary Portas is particularly keen on and hoped it would help address the rising number of empty shops in the town.

She added: “It is a way of giving people the opportunity to have a go.”

The pop-up shop idea was successfully trialled at the Dickensian Festival when Staples, in Soutergate, was brought into use for the weekend.

Last year the number of empty shops in the town rose from 12 to 16. So far this year the Deli, in Queen Street, has closed down and Blockbuster, in Market Street, has been put on notice of closure by the company’s administrators.

Meanwhile, the former Halifax building next door is set to re-open as a branch of Costa Coffee next month.

Anyone with suitable premises or who is interested in taking part in the initiative should contact Jayne Kendall at Ulverston Town Hall on 01229 585778.

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Walker is quite correct,it would attract people from far flung destinations(remind me,where is ulverston again)such as Barrow,but the novelty will soon wear off when people realise the varieties they have on their doorstep is better and cheaper.Likewise,eventually a lot of ulverstonians will return to Barrow for the same reasons.There is one thing Walker is bang on the money with,and that's that ulverston is in terminal decline,and Sainsbury's will be the final nail in the coffin.

Posted by Danielle on 5 March 2013 at 10:44

I love Sainsbury's, if there was one in Ulverston I would def go there from Barrow. Bring It On...

Posted by Speak Up on 26 February 2013 at 19:11

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