Wednesday, 02 September 2015

Pleasing entry attracts eager ringside of buyers in Ulverston

ULVERSTON held its Special Show and Sale of Store Cattle.

Special Show and Sale of Store Cattle

A very pleasing, much larger than expected entry of store cattle on offer attracted a very crowded, eager ringside of active buyers from near and far.

It was encouraging to welcome new faces around the ringside. Fresh faces helped to maintain a very buoyant and pleasing trade with many strong cattle reaching well over the £1,000 mark.

An excellent number of tremendous quality cattle were placed in front of the extremely capable judge, Tyse Rothery, Priory Park, and he did an excellent job using his expertise as he placed the awards. Many thanks go to Mr Rothery for judging such extremely difficult classes. The awards were placed as follows.

CLASS 1 BULLOCK (any breed and any age) 1 S J Longmire, Knapperthaw; 2 S J Longmire, Knapperthaw; 3 J R & J B Longmire, Nettleslack.

CLASS 2 HEIFER (any breed and any age) 1 B T & S Atkinson, Meadow View; 2 S J Longmire, Knapperthaw; 3 B T & S Atkinson, Meadow View.

CHAMPION S J Longmire, Knapperthaw.

RESERVE CHAMPION B T & S Atkinson, Meadow View.

The champion on the day also received the W S Towers Salver to be held for one year. The tremendously shaped Limousin steer reached £1,160, exhibited by S J Longmire, Knapperthaw, who, as always, has a marvellous run of cattle. Reserve champion realised £1,260 being a fantastically shaped blonde D’Aquitaine heifer being only 13 months old, awarded to a well deserved B T & S Atkinson, Meadow View.

Top price on the day went to vendor G H Dixon, Borwicks Aynsome, who had a remarkable show of strong cattle peaking at £1,300 for a pen of powerful saler steers. Top price heifers on the day after the reserve champion reached £1,140 for two vendors – firstly, for incredible, well shaped blonde heifers, shown by B T & S Atkinson, Meadow View, and secondly for fantastically shaped Limousins shown by S J Longmire, Knapperthaw.

Other leading prices: British Friesian steer £1,010 Moss House; Simmental steer £1,050 Seatle Hall; Limousin steer £1,160 Knapperthaw; Limousin steer £1,070 High Aulthurstside; Limousin steer £1,000 Knapperthaw; Hol/Fr steer £1,065 Moss House; BB steer £950 Seatle Hall; Lim steer (nine months) £940 Quarry Bank; Charolais steer £910 Beckside (Ulv); AA steer £880 Stang Ends; BB bull (12 months) £1,200 Meadow View; blonde bull (12 months) £1,040 Meadow View; blonde bull (12 months) £940 Meadow View; Lim bull (10 months) £960 High Farm; BB heifer £1,140 Meadow View; Limousin heifer £1,140 Knapperthaw; Limousin heifer £1,000 Knapperthaw; saler heifer £1,060 Borwicks Aynsome; saler heifer £1,070 Borwicks Aynsome; saler heifer £1,080 Borwicks Aynsome; BB heifer £1,000 Angerton Hall; Limousin heifer £1,020 Seatle Hall; BB heifer £1,035 Seatle Hall; Limousin heifer £1,090 Croft End; BB heifer £1,100 Croft End.

Beef Breeding, Calves, Stirks & Dairy

A couple of very powerful stock bulls reached an excellent trade of £2,150 and £2,000 for vendor S J Longmire, Knapperthaw, and also a marvellous outfit of a Limousin cow with calf at foot realised £1,450 for W & J Johnson, Scale Bank.

Another good entry of calves and stirks saw local buyers pleased with filling orders without wasting fuel money having to go further afield. These topped at £555 for a British blue bull shown by R B & L J Satterthwaite & Son, Church Farm. Very productive, full of milk Holstein heifers attracted great attention, reaching a high of £1,780 for Morris-Eyton & Son, Beckside.

Other leading prices: Calves BB bull £420 Beckside (Whicham); BB bull £365 Beckside (Whicham); Hol bull £180(X3) Beckside (Whicham); BB hfr £130 Beckside (Whicham).

Other leading prices: Dairy Hol/Fr hfr £1,650 Beckside (Whicham); Hol/Fr hfr £1,600(X2) Beckside (Whicham).

Prime Lambs

Trade was better than expected and much improved from the start of the week.

High quality, well finished lambs reached a high of 191.14ppkg for a cracking pen of well fed 39.5kg Beltex lambs exhibited by P & S S Allonby, Newholme, being purchased by A Dawson, Sedbergh. Top pounds per head reached £91 for a well finished pen of 50kg texels shown by F Phillipson, Nook Farm, also being purchased by A Dawson, Sedbergh.


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