Sunday, 30 August 2015

Party boss blasts Lakes councillor over Pickles jibe

A TORY party boss has hit back at calls from a Cumbrian councillor for a government minister to be sacked.


Last week Councillor James Airey, a Conservative member of Cumbria County Council for Ulverston West, called for the Prime Minister David Cameron to drop Communities Secretary Eric Pickles from his cabinet.

He was speaking at a meeting of the county council and claimed that Mr Pickles was imposing cuts on local authorities that were too severe.

However Bob Neill, the Conservative Party vice chairman, defended the secretary of state and laid the blame for the current financial situation fully at the door of the previous government.

He said: “The Labour government maxed out the nation’s credit and left the country massively in debt.

“This government is taking action to tackle that deficit, but every bit of the public sector needs to make savings to pay it off, including local councils. Cllr Airey should realise that it’s the Labour Party which is to blame.”

Cllr Airey’s comments came as members set a budget for the next financial year – which included another £24.5m of savings.

He said he accepted everything that Mr Neill had said but added that he was targeting the “bullying” tone that Mr Pickles took with councils.

He said: “It is the aggressive tone that Eric Pickles takes with local authorities. The constant blaming of local authorities isn’t the way to behave.

“We have to deliver the government cuts – it isn’t easy to do. It would be nice to be dealt with some respect by the secretary of state.”

Last week, Cllr Airey described Mr Pickles as the “worst secretary of state”.

He said: “You’d think someone who had come through local government would be our champion. I’d implore the Prime Minister to remove Eric Pickles as soon as possible.”

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Posted by Wally ! on 24 February 2013 at 07:34

Yes Eric Pickles should be sacked as soon as possible & while I am on this topic I'm calling for Cameron, Clegg, Osbourne & co to be sacked as well.
The MP is a member of a government that is forcing through cuts on an unprecedented level & a lot of working class people are going to pay the price of a financial crisis that they did not cause in the first place!
This government is in a state of panic as to carry out thses attacks so with that in mind there should be a workers revolution to bring this government down.
It can be done!
And they know it too!!!!

Posted by Charlie on 23 February 2013 at 21:01

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