Saturday, 05 September 2015

Organisers open early as crowds flock to jobs fair

JOB hunters from across Furness piled into Ulverston’s Coronation Hall to meet prospective employers on Wednesday.

The large queue of people keen to kick-start their careers forced organisers to open the doors early and within an hour more than 100 people had passed through.

Local firms set up next to global brand companies to welcome a range of potential employees, from teenagers just starting out to the recently laid off, to people simply looking for a change.

Organisers, employers and jobseekers all hailed the event as a success.

Wayne Singleton, human resources manager at Siemens, attended the event and said he had been impressed with the number of people who turned up.

He said: “We are still talking about growth – we have 20 more positions to fill and there’ll be more to come.”

More than 20 firms attended the event. Major local employers GlaxoSmithKline, Oxley and MARL were present, alongside the likes of Cumbria Fire and Rescue and Windermere Lakes Cruises.

Furness College were also on hand to help those looking to gain qualification to prepare themselves for work.

Town councillor Norman Bishop-Rowe, who helped organise the event, said the event showed the amount of talent and opportunity in the area.

He said: “We had to open at 9.15am because we had more than 70 in the foyer waiting to come in. By the end we had let 250 people in.

“It was nice to see so many international companies here. The exhibitors were highly delighted with the high quality of people looking for work.”

Demand was so high that some employers had to get more application forms sent to the Coronation Hall mid-way through the morning.

Fiona Priestly, employer adviser for Jobcentre Plus, which organised the event with the support of Ulverston Town Council and Furness Enterprise, said feedback was positive.


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