SIS launches Buzz Grass for your home

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 8:40AM

Cumbria's SIS Group has launched a new brand for its artificial grass products, which will now be available for the home.

Buzz Grass is a company which has been created by the group - which is based at the Glasson Industrial, Maryport - to manufacture and supply the product.

It will be produced in the same factory as the synthetic turf, which has been used by sports teams and organisations in the UK and abroad.

The firm has stated that there are some minor difference between this new turf and that used in sport but that the "core aspects" of both are the same.

It has particularly targeted the product for use in gardens and other areas with a heavy footfall such as offices, corridors and children's bedrooms.

This can be installed without the need for professional help as instructions to do this are provided by SIS Group.

Ged Knight, director of the SIS Group factory that makes Buzz Grass, said: "We are delighted that fans and players who are benefiting from our high-grade sports pitches now have the chance to buy and install artificial grass themselves for their own personal use in their gardens.

"The high-quality nature of our British-made grass is perfect for you leisure space, be it for your children to play on, your dogs to run around on or for you to just sit back and enjoy.’

SIS Group employs 40 people at the industrial estate in Maryport. In April it was hit by a dramatic fire, one of the biggest in Cumbria's recent history.

The group’s storage warehouse was burnt down but the factory and offices were unaffected.

It has been keen to point out though that it is still open for business.

This month the company announced that it had helped set a new world record for returfing football pitches when it did that at Qatar’s Khalifa International Stadium, installing 7,885m2 of turf in just 13.5 hours, up by more than 30 minutes on the previous world record, also set by SIS in 2014, at the Amsterdam Arena.

It is also due to supply two pitches which will be used at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, at Mordovia Arena and Samara Arena.

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