Tuesday, 01 September 2015

New home for flood-hit nursery

NURSERY children have found a temporary new home after recent flooding forced them out of their old building.

Staff and children from Rascals Day Nursery have moved into the Lanternhouse, in The Ellers, where they are expected to stay until the end of March.

The nursery building, in Lund Terrace, was badly damaged by the flash floods last month, which forced parents and staff to carry children to safety, and is expected to take months to repair.

The incident brought back unpleasant memories as it was the second time in three years that flooding has forced the nursery to close.

But staff have now welcomed the children back, after they spent days adapting the closed arts centre.

Nursery manager Alex Mitton praised her employees for the speed with which they were able to relocate the children.

She said they had been fortunate this time as they reacted quickly enough to save all the paperwork from water damage.

She added: “Thankfully, everything still works. The parents this morning were very happy we are here and that we got open so quickly.”

Parents and local companies offered their support and the nursery has been loaned a number of toys for the children to use.

Staff also came up with innovative health and safety solutions in the new building, wrapping wooden pillars in bubble-wrap and duvets and decorating them to look like snowmen.

Despite the uncertainty over the future of the Lanternhouse, which is up for sale, the nursery will be able to stay there until the end of March.

If repairs to the Lund Terrace property are not complete by then, it may have the option of extending the lease on the Lanternhouse on a month-by-month basis. The nursery was among the worst hit buildings during the flooding last month, which also saw terminally-ill patients evacuate St Mary’s Hospice.

Tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused when rising flood water ruined furniture and forced the 15 people inside at the time to move to higher ground.


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