Tuesday, 01 September 2015

National Grid reveals North West Coast Power Ring plans

Plans have been unveiled to create a ‘North West Coast Power Ring’ connecting new electricity generation schemes in Cumbria to the national network.

National Grid has been asked to provide a connection for the proposed nuclear power station, Moorside, near Sellafield and wind farms in the Irish Sea.

The company began consultations earlier this year over six broad 'strategic options' and is now taking forward two proposals.

Both schemes would create a power ring that would connect coastal areas into the grid as well as give future energy generators the chance to link in.

The next step is to assess the options to identify potential routes for the new infrastructure.

Work will focus on onshore routes to the north of Moorside where, says National Grid, there is the potential to follow the path of existing low voltage power lines operated by Electricity North West.

To the south of Moorside, routes will be considered where there is potential to follow the path of existing lines, in addition to studying possible routes offshore through the Irish Sea and across Morecambe Bay.

Senior project manager Peter Fendley said National Grid had been been working with local authorities and other organisations across Cumbria and Lancashire for nearly three years.

“The next step is for us to identify potential route corridors for new infrastructure both on land and offshore. Once this work has been completed we will start to consult intensively with communities. Consultation events are expected to take place from late spring 2013 and will be well publicised in advance,” he added.

National Grid’s Strategic Options Report on the project is available on the project website, along with a Consultation Feedback Report.

People can register on the project website for regular updates on the scheme: www.northwestcoastconnections.com

Weblink: The stages of the consultation

Weblink: Project timescale

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