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Meeting to discuss spending Maryport’s Mary Portas cash

Plans to spend a £10,000 grant to boost Maryport town centre shops will be discussed by town traders on Tuesday.

A steering group will consider a number of ideas for the cash given by the Government under the Mary Portas scheme, which supports rundown high streets across the country.

Ideas include the upgrading of town maps on public display.

A second suggestion is that the money be used to set up a scheme to brighten shop fronts.

The steering group will also look at repainting Mill Race Lonning and at ways to brighten up empty shop windows.

Toni Magean, town centre manager, said that shopping locally was the key to town centre viability.

He said the proposals to upgrade large public maps would include the names of all shops and amenities within the town centre, to be updated for any changes.

He said it was time to start making final decisions about how the money should be spent, and anyone with proposals could leave their suggestions at Her Citi or contact him by email at

Maryport mayor Peter Kendall urged a crowd of several hundred people at the Maryport Christmas Festival on Sunday to support Maryport shops this Christmas.

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I too have lived in the port all my life and watched its decline.The bigger supermarkets have killed off the independent shopkeeper so a return to days of old are never going to happen. Sorry nikki its not down to any council what a shop opens up as so the blame lies at the door of the shopkeeper.How many sandwich shops/cafes/hairdressers etc do we need??Yes cockermouth has individual shops but it also has 5 major high street retailers. The traders complain that no one shops in the many open at 10am, how many traders want their car parked outside their shop door....much easier to nip to asda isnt it.If the traders carnt make an effort then why should I bother...sad but true

Posted by Emma on 8 December 2012 at 13:14

What about spending it on a market? Close the high-street and put buses on for people from Workington and Cockermouth ect to come to it. Each store owner can have a 'free' stal, however charge stores coming in from other areas. I am worried they are going to do something ridiculous with the cash, erect another statue, waste more on the already adequate parking. As long as there is a police presence I am sure the 'loons' of Maryport will be kept at bay. OH and please do not spend it on the Wave, that is a waste in itself!

Posted by Stu on 4 December 2012 at 22:04

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