Saturday, 05 September 2015

Meet Lakes firm boosting Premier League performances

WITH customers including 19 of 20 Premier League clubs – Aston Villa are the exception – and a host of rugby league stars, Sportstec’s software has provided a revolution in the world of sport – and beyond.

In November, the company’s UK division relocated to Windermere, from South Wales, to bring the firm closer to
its core customer base in the North West.

The company offers two products – Sportscode and Studio Code, which focus on performance assessment not just on the sporting field but also in the emergency services, working with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, the NHS and the aviation industry.

In the past six months the firm has already exceeded its turnover for the previous 12 months and Steve Jenkinson, the UK director for Sportstec, believes the relocation has had an impact.

He said: “The new location has really helped us.

“We are in pleasant surroundings and a lot of our customers are in the North West.

“A lot of our customers used to think South Wales was the end of the world – some of our staff rarely came, let alone our clients.

“I am Windermere born and bred and we were looking for somewhere more convenient and where we could bring clients.”

Manchester City have adopted one of Sportstec’s system and even offer fans a glimpse of how it helps the team on their website, while giants including Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool also use the software.

Every tackle, pass and shot can be tracked and logged, allowing for a quick review and enabling teams to look at their own shortcomings and the best way in which to deal with the opposition.

The system is employed in every major football league in the world as well as in the Championship among teams including Blackburn and Blackpool.

“It’s all about performance,” said Mr Jenkinson.

“A lot of the Olympic teams have used the software – the analysis software we can provide is far more advanced than what you would get on Sky Sports or ESPN.”

The company’s products have become an integral set-up in rugby league, with analysts scrutinising the game and physiotherapists able to use breaks in play to show players short clips in a bid to improve their performance.

In addition, the company’s Studio Code product also keeps track of ‘human decisions’ in the emergency sector, focusing on decision making, team work and leadership qualities in a bid to ensure junior doctors and firefighters can deal not just in theory but with real world situations.

As a Cumbrian, Mr Jenkinson is keen to see the firm gives something back to the community and the firm is looking at opportunities to offer apprenticeships to sports analysts.


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