Thursday, 03 September 2015

Lakeland MP wants parliament to debate nuclear repository

ON the eve of the Cumbrian nuclear repository vote, South Lakes MP Tim Farron has put a motion into parliament to try and stop the 'undoubted damage' to the county's tourism sector.

Mr Farron submitted an Early Day Motion - Protecting the Lake District from plans for a Geological Disposal Facility in Cumbria - in to parliament this morning.

He said: “The argument about whether the waste would be safely disposed of, or if the engineering solutions and the geology would be safe, are things that require further investigation.

“But the one thing that I’m pretty sure is indisputable, is that if the geological search area includes the Lake District, and there is any prospect of the waste being buried under the Lake District, it will be a huge blight to tourism.

“It will undoubtedly damage the Lake District’s tourism brand. If you build a huge engineering project, almost irrespective of whether it’s nuclear waste or not, underneath something which is sold as being a beautiful untouched wilderness, you cannot expect tourists to look at the Lakes in the same way again.

“It would be a huge blow to the tourism economy of Cumbria.”

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~ What a breath of fresh air, rather than the hot air from our local MP .. The impact that this (the DUMP) will have on our beautiful Lake District extends beyond the few hundred jobs the long term store will provide. The Lake District will be associated with the words .. 'Waste Dump'.. Cumbria is turning into a real DUMP with all the rotten wind turbines, now the double whammy .. Years of football pitch sized borehole sites, then 8 wheeler lorries thundering down the tiny local roads every 4 minutes for the next 30 years when they start the build.. What a nightmare. When reprocessing stops, thousands of jobs will go and the repository (DUMP) will only provide a teeny fraction of those previously employed at Sellafield .. Our only mainstay for employment in our area will be tourism, but our MP and local politicians are doing theor very best to ruin even that .. 'Well done Tim' is all I can say .. I support Nuclear all the way, including a new build Reactor near to Sellafield Site, but I want to protect our only real treasure .. Our National Park .. Hands OFF, or else!

Posted by Jan Fialkowski on 7 February 2013 at 23:06

Well done Tim Farron. At last a Cumbrian MP is speaking out in defence of Cumbria's greatest asset - The Lake District and the surrounding area. Whilst it is obvious that Rory Stewart MP also has misgivings, he has yet to speak out and say this process should not be allowed to progress onto stage 4.

The process being followed requires both a suitable site and a volunteer host community. As far as the residents of the Lake District and the Solway Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty are concerned they are most certainly not willing communities.

It is acknowledged by the NDA that they are not expecting to find ideal geology anywhere in West Cumbria, including under the National Park. Untold damage could be caused to this beautiful region just by conducting the required surveying work.

If there was suitable geology for the construction of a SAFE underground repository in the remaining parts of West Cumbria and the communities there were willing to host it, that is another matter. The fact remains that the geology is not suitable and proven engineered solutions are not available to compensate for this deficiency.

The community on the West Coast has benefited from the nuclear industry and will continue to do so with or without a GDF being located in the area.

Safety should come first and the GDF should be constructed in one of the areas that have already been identified as having the correct sort of geology. It is the blinkered approach that is being taken by DECC and NDA that is holding up the search for a permanent solution to the country's nuclear waste problem.

Posted by Rod Donington-Smith on 29 January 2013 at 14:46

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