Monday, 31 August 2015

Kids want road to be safer to cross

PUPILS at a Dalton school are appealing for urgent action to improve road safety.

Letters from pupils, aged 10 to 11, of the Year Six class at Dalton St Mary’s C of E School were sent to the Evening Mail appealing for help to make Coronation Drive a safer place for them to cross.

Pupil Sam Millington has had first-hand experience of how treacherous the road outside St Mary’s can be.

In his letter to the Evening Mail, he said: “I have had the experience of being hit by a bus’ wing mirror while the bus had to swerve in on the pavement, caused by the terrible traffic coming the other way down Coronation Drive.”

Sam’s letter continued: “The children of our school are innocent and do not deserve to be put in danger.”

Mick Cull, Year Six class teacher, said: “Our Year Six children have recently become concerned with the state of traffic outside our school.

“They feel that due to a number of reasons, their walk to school has become unnecessarily dangerous.”

The pupils are appealing for a pelican crossing or a crossing patrol person to help make the crossing safer outside the school.

One of the letters written to the Evening Mail, from Liam Hughes and Finlay Hamilton, said: “The traffic speeding down this road is absolutely appalling.

“If a child all alone walks across the road, a car going over the speed limit would not be able to stop. It could mean the child is seriously injured.”

The children in the Year Six class are also concerned with the problem of parents parking on the yellow zig-zag lines outside the school.

Pupil Jay Sandham’s letter said: “Children are putting their lives on the line trying to cross the road outside our school because parents are parking on the zig-zag lines. Children can’t see to cross the road.”

As well as contacting the Evening Mail, the pupils have also written to MP John Woodcock about their concerns and have contacted Barrow mayor Wendy Maddox and the highways authority, Cumbria County Council.

A county council spokesman said it would look into the issue.


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