Wednesday, 02 September 2015

Japanese nuclear deal hailed a success

A nuclear power deal between Japanese and West Cumbrian firms has been hailed a shining example of how to maximise global business opportunities.

The Chairman of Britain’s Energy Coast has hailed the signing of a contract between React Engineering and Createc with Japanese giant Hitachi as a massive success.

REACT Engineering, based at Cleator Moor and its spin-off research and development company Createc, based in Cockermouth, signed a contract with Hitachi to allow Cumbrian technology to help the nuclear industry in Japan.

A specifically tailored version of their N-Visage™ radiation detection and mapping technology will aid the complex clean up of the Fukushima nuclear site.

Rt Hon Brian Wilson, Chairman of BEC and also an international Business Ambassador for David Cameron, said: “It is fantastic to see an innovative technology developed right here in West Cumbria being picked up by a company the size and stature of Hitachi.

“For them to find what they need here in West Cumbria is testament to React Engineering and Createc and demonstrates the hidden gem products developed on our doorstep with global commercial appeal.”

Encouraging West Cumbrian companies to seek global opportunities in the nuclear sector is a key part of the West Cumbria economic blueprint.

Hitachi is working with the Japanese government to find ways of cleaning up Fukushima and other nuclear power plants damaged by the tsunami and earthquake in 2011.

The Createc team is utilising funding and support from the UK Technology Strategy Board and NDA to investigate whether N-Visage™ can be adapted for use in the medical and security sectors.

Mr Wilson added: “I’m delighted the BEC-backed mission to Japan helped to cement this relationship and would also like to pay tribute to important roles played by the British Embassy, NDA and INS in the venture.

“It is a great example of partnership working and we hope to celebrate more international successes like this in the future.”


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