Monday, 31 August 2015

Five tips to shape up your job application

Julia Carter
Julia Carter

Recruitment and career management consultant Julia Cater is the latest to participate in our Take Five challenge with tips on job applications.

1. Research the employer and the job – with the internet, a bit of research is easy to do and will be a huge help in enabling you to understand their sector and talk about what interests you in their company and this job in particular

2. Adapt your CV to use the phrases, structure and words that are in the job advertisement – for instance, if they call it co-ordination, don’t call it organising

3. Spell out the benefits of meeting and employing you – it’s a two-way sell going on. You want their job but why should they want you? If you don’t explain specifically why you’d be good for the job, how will they know? 

4. Make it personal – make your CV memorable so that it stands out from other people’s. Don’t just include your education and work experience in your CV but also explain any transferable skills from hobbies, voluntary work or other commitments. What is the real reason you want the job? Tell your story (briefly) in a way that will make a recruiter want to meet you. 

5. And finally, submit what they ask for – if the advertisement asks for a completed
form online, don’t send your CV and a letter in the post

  • Julia has a blog on all matters recruitment on her website at and she is also on LinkedIn and on Twitter as @coachpsych360
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