Thursday, 03 September 2015

Five tips for commercial photography

Andrew Coleman
Andrew Coleman

Andrew Coleman, owner of Carlisle photography studio  Picture U, gives some advice on improving the standard of photographs you use to promote your business. 

Whether you are doing it yourself or booking someone to come and do it for you, these tips will help you get the result you want.

1. Image Quality
Always make sure that pictures are crisp bright and inviting. You want to show your product or business off at its best. This is about psychology - a well lit shop will always look more inviting. If you are photographing products, make sure they are clean, finger-print free and there are no reflections in the product.

2. The background
Take note of what’s in the background remove clutter and anything distracting from the main focus of the image. If you’re photographing in an office make sure any personal documents, named folders etc are well out of shot. You also want to make sure that drawers are closed, bins and any untidy wires are out of sight.

3. Lighting
It’s harder to take pictures indoors you want maximum light, you can get creative indoors with flash lighting, though especially if you learn to use an external flash rather than the built in type and move them around away from the camera. You may want to try both and get a variety.

4. Style
Make sure the pictures fit the style you want to portray. For example if you want to come across as a family orientated business you don’t want boudoir images. 

5. Direction
It is very likely that you have an idea of what you want. You must let your photographer know, but don’t be fixed in your ideas. A photographer is not a mind reader. Be open to creative suggestions from your photographer, as long as they fit in with the brief or theme. If you work with designers, involve them, more often than not they will be the ones incorporating the pictures into some form of design and may need more of a horizontal image rather than a vertical one.

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