Wednesday, 02 September 2015

Double digit growth with a hint of humour

A business guru who has already helped 30,000 UK businesses is coming to Cumbria in a bid to boost growth.

Tom Edge photo
Tom Edge

The man in question, Tom Edge, will be speaking The Lakes College Business Lunch on Thursday 28th February 2013. He hopes to show the seven disciplines to achieve double-digit growth during 2013.

This includes how to; slow the loss of existing customers, gain market share, show up where growth is about to happen, invade adjacent markets, invest in new growth lines, improve value, delight customers.

Mr Edge is described as a successful businessman who likes helping others to achieve success. His seminars are said to be practical and down to earth with a hint of Black Country humour.

He said: “As the economy slides the doom mongers are making it worse. Yet there are businesses in the UK from all sorts of industries who are doubling their growth year on year”.

The cost for this event is £20 per person and includes welcome drink, Double-Digit Growth seminar, sophisticated buffet lunch prepared the college catering department. This will feature potted shrimps with homemade butter, smoked beef Bourguignon, cappuccino of wild mushrooms and coffee and Jefferson’s rum truffles.


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