Sunday, 30 August 2015

Cumbrian reaction to Chancellor's Autumn Statement


Chancellor George Osborne has delivered his Autumn Statement.

Among the elements that will be of particular interest for Cumbria are:

  • Plans to increase fuel duty have been scrapped.
  • A1  to be upgraded from London to Newcastle to motorway standard. M1 also being upgraded
  • Cumbria misses out on infrastructure spend 
  • Carlisle misses out on superfast broadband money 
  • Chancellor ended controversial plans for regional pay for the NHS and civil service which had been widely criticised in Cumbria. But the Chancellor says schools will be given more freedom to base staff pay on performance. #bbceconomy
  • Small businesses tax relief extended

Cumbrian reaction has included:

  • Carlisle MP John Stevenson said: "The macro picture is still very difficult but the deficit is going to be coming down and there were some policies today that will benefit Cumbria such as the extension of small business relief and the increase tenfold of capital tax allowances.
    Mr Stevenson also welcomed the additional funding for Local Enterprise Partnerships, adding: "In Cumbria the LEP has got to play a strategic role in developing growth and should be supported by the County Council, other authorities and businesses in doing that.
  • Bob Wheatcroft, tax partner at Armstrong Watson, said: “I think it is particularly disappointing that Cumbria seems to have missed the boat again when it comes to infrastructure spending. 
    “We seem not to have the clout to influence government in the way that some other areas do. I am not criticising individuals necessarily but think that it may be institutional in that we are part of the North West – but a long way from the centre of influence in Manchester/Liverpool etc. It's just a personal view but an upgrade on the Carlisle to Newcastle railway would be top of my list. We could also sort out Carlisle station’s access.
    “The fuel duty freeze will be particularly important here of course (as a rural county without much public transport) and we should be very pleased about that. The capital allowances 100% relief was unexpected and is also really important although we should be aware that it is only temporary and the economy needs to be in better shape in two years time or he will have to do something else.”
  • South LakesMP Tim Farron tweeted: 3p fuel duty has been axed! Personal allowance rises BIG #libdem win! Great news!
  • Penrith and the Border MP Rory Stewart tweeted: Good news for cumbria from autumn statement for SMEs and capital investment relief - 92 % of Cumbrians work for...
  • Dodd Accountants highlighted ‏via their @DoddAccountants Twitter account:
  • #northeast to benefit from A1 upgrade but #Cumbria misses out on small city broadband funding #AS2012

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