Wednesday, 02 September 2015

Commendium wins £2m contract to help firms make most of broadband

Penrith firm Commendium has won a £2m contract to run a business support programme to ensure firms take full advantage of superfast broadband.

The 30 month contract awarded by the county council is seen as a key way to ensure Cumbria reeps the economic benefits of broadband. It will help to help Cumbria's 3,000 small and medium businesses to use superfast speeds to cut costs and generate jobs.

Commendium will work on a range of practical support including 1-2-1 advice, ICT diagnostic reviews, project support, seminars and workshops Delivery of the contract is due to start in March 2013.

Alan Cook, programme manager of Connecting Cumbria, said: “The money will fund business support and is not so much about stimulating demand. It will make businesses aware of the ways broadband can give them real benefits.”

Small business, for example, could use faster broadband to use electronic invoicing or access HR and payroll services online.

Richard Walters, CEO of Commendium, commenting on being awarded the contract said: “Commendium are delighted to win the contract and look forward to working with the council and other business support projects in the county to deliver a holistic business support service to boost GVA and increase jobs."



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