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Careline celebrates 25 years offering independence and peace of mind

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Careline marks 25 years offering independence and peace of mind.

We provide a high quality local monitoring service available to anyone who needs it, Riverside Careline has over 10,000 customers and cover much of Cumbria from Barrow to Carlisle.

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our older, disabled and vulnerable customers and where possible providing independent living options for those living in our neighbourhoods through the delivery of tailor - made services from less than £1 a day.

We work closely with other health and social care agencies to support and sustain independent living, giving peace of mind for the service users and their careers.

The service is provided by local staff 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

We have a control centre in the centre of Carlisle and offer an emergency home response service to anyone living in a 12 miles radius of Carlisle.

Jayne Grant, Team Leader, said “Last year’s customer survey showed Careline’s overall satisfaction rate was 98.45%. As part of Riverside, Careline are continually striving to improve and achieve excellence within our service delivery. Our team are dedicated to supporting other local organisations throughout Cumbria.We monitor community alarms for Carlisle, Two Castles, Barrow Housing, Eden Housing, Impact Housing.

Some of the other services we are able to provide

  • Lone working monitoring
  • Monitor domestic violence unit - working with the Police
  • Schools security
  • A Telecare suite has been set up at Cumbria University to provide training for social workers and occupational therapy staff.
  • Careline present information sessions for other local organisation such as Police, NHS staff and charities.
  • Careline use the latest high tech call handling systems.
  • We have installed 220 Intermediate care units this year after direct referral by health professionals. These were installed free of charge for 4 weeks to enable early discharge from hospital. This saves the NHS thousands of pounds in staff and care costs.


90 year old Fred has had Careline installed since coming out of hospital 6 years ago. “It’s wonderful this Careline thing, you know if anything happens they are there for you. I know that getting Careline in meant I could come home from hospital earlier …they wouldn’t release me until they knew I had this support in. I had to call the Careline by pressing the button every morning to let them know I was alright.

One morning I forgot and before I knew it they were at the door checking I was ok. I have only had occasion to use the button three times but each time it the have been a life savers to me, they got me an ambulance. It really is great that they know who is calling and where you are and who to call for you. It does mean I can continue to live in the home I have been in for 28 years, I still do my own garden and it’s good to know the Careline works outside the house too.”

MEET MARK JACKSONm Telecare Co-ordinator for Riverside in Cumbria.

“I am currently expanding the telecare side of the Careline service which enables people to be independent and remain in the comfort of their own homes instead of being hospitalised. This frees up valuable bed space in the hospital and it is often the case that people respond better to treatment in their own familiar surroundings.

Telecare is a variety of sensors that can be installed in the customers home which are monitored by Careline. For example, if the customer suffers from Alzheimer’s and frequently gets out of bed or wanders out of the home, a bed sensor and a door sensor can be fitted. These are then programmed for a certain length of time and if they are not back in the house or back into bed within the set parameter a call will be sent through to Careline alerting them that there may be a problem.

Also if they are vulnerable and may fall a falls detector can be installed and once again this will alert Careline.

Careline will then go out and pick the person up and call the ambulance if required.
Our service is tailor designed for each customer, we assess their needs and recommend the best equipment for them. When they call in our control centre can see all their details, next of kin, doctors names and sometime just being able to talk to them and call them by name can be comforting until help arrives."


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