Saturday, 05 September 2015

Boost your Google rankings with social media

Ever wondered how using social media can boost your search rankings? Rachel Murray from Hydrant web design reveals all in this week's top five tips...

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By considering the following five tips of these Social Networking techniques you can enhance the content that you are socially sharing for SEO purposes, and create effective ranking results on Google.

1. Keyword Strategy
The keywords used within written content is important to consider. It is recommended to have a keyword strategy in place, using the best keywords for your company, industry and market and containing these within your written content. Whether that be in tweets, Facebook posts and especially in blog posts including the titles will allow for the SEO listings to be relevant to the keywords used.

2. Backlinks
When creating content on social networking sites ensure that is shareable, and encourage sharing via social networks such as retweeting therefore creating natural and organic backlinks. Creating backlinks to content will add credibility, increase site traffic and visibility of your posts.

3. Profile Naming
Optimise social profile descriptions regularly to ensure that it is effective and details what your organisation does, add your website address to link to the site and appropriate landing page and also include location. If you’re listed in any directories ensure to fill out the fields related to social media accounts.

4. Link with your Website
Place Social Media Icons or widgets on the Homepage of your website as the more links that you have to your content – whether this is from your blog, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest – the more online exposure you will gain.

5. Measure and Reporting
Analytics can be used to measure and report on a number of important factors including engagement, return on investment, site traffic providing information to measure and report on current social media activities. Measuring social media efforts will allow for the opportunity to review and ensure that set objectives and targets are achieved.

You can contact Rachel via the Hydrant website at


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