Tuesday, 01 September 2015

High demand from full ringside at Ulverston auction mart sees prices soar

ULVERSTON held its Summer Show and Sale of Newly Calved Dairy Cattle. A very pleasing entry forward for judging meant placing awards was a difficult task.

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Mrs Leanne Winder, Wall End, judged on the day with many thanks going to her on a job admirably done which cannot be hurried. After much deliberation, Mrs Winder creditably placed the awards as follows.

Class 1 best new calved Holstein Friesian cow

1 F Philipson & Son, Canon Winder; 2 F Philipson & Son, Canon Winder.

Class 2 best new calved Holstein Friesian Heifer

1 R B & L J Satterthwaite & Son, Church Farm; 2 F Philipson & Son, Canon Winder.

Class 3 best new calved cow/heifer of any other breed

1 H & J E Watson, New Close; 2 I & K I Redhead, Hyton Farm.

CHAMPION: R B & L J Satterthwaite & Son, Church Farm.

RESERVE CHAMPION: F Philipson & Son, Canon Winder.

All dairy available for sale today was in very high demand and a tremendous trade was had throughout due to a full ringside of active buyers both locally and from further afield. The Champion Dairy on the day, being a very productive Holstein Friesian Heifer, reached an excellent price of £2,320 for exhibitor R B & L J Satterthwaite & Son, Church Farm being purchased by the judge Mrs Leanne Winder. Reserve Champion reached £1,900 for F Philipson & Son, Canon Winder purchased by T W C A Long, Old Hall. A very useful full-of-milk Ayrshire heifer exhibited by H & J E Watson, New Close realised an incredible £2,350 being purchased also by the Judge, Mrs Leanne Winder.

Other Leading Prices: Hol/Fr Cow £1880 Canon Winder; Hol/Fr Cow £1820 Canon Winder; Hol/Fr Cow £1720 Church Farm; Hol/Fr Hfr £1900 Canon Winder; Hol/Fr Hfr £2250 Canon Winder; Fr Hfr £1750 Hyton Farm.

Store cattle, beef breeding & calves

An excellent number of store cattle forward to a busy ringside of buyers were in very big demand today with many strong cattle reaching well over the thousand pound mark.

Topping the market was a pen full of powerful British Blue Steers realising £1240 for vendors B E & M E Thexton, Angerton Hall. Heifer peaked at £810 for an excellent pen of Limousins shown by T Edmondson & Son, Crakeside. Holstein Friesian bull calves topped at £160 for C & A J Woodhouse, Stubb Place and a very strong outfit of a Limousin cow with calf at foot reached £1,400 for Thornbank Farms.

Other Leading Store Cattle Prices: BB Steers £1180 Angerton Hall; Lim Steers £1100 Canon Winder; AA Steers £1042 Tenterbank; AA Steers £950 Stangends;

Hol/Fr Steers £935 Stubb Place; BF Steers £790 Manor Farm; Jers Steers £730 Manor Farm;

Prime lambs

A very good number forward to an active ringside of buyers ensured trade remained pleasing throughout. Trade on the day saw a slight improvement to the previous day’s national averages with the top being 215.00ppkg for a cracking pen of 40kg Texels exhibited by B, K & A Jordan, White Horse being purchased by D Stamper, Preston. Top pounds per head realised £101 for a meaty pen of 49kg Texels exhibited by P & S S Allonby, Newholme bought by M/s Tyson, Millom.

Other Leading Prices: £96.50 (btex) Gleaston Castle; £89 (suf) Causeywood;

£88.50 (suf) Causeywood; £88.50 (char) Causeywood; £87(char) Lane End;

£86.50 (tex) Beckside (Pennington); £86 (suf) Castle Hill; £85 (suf) Castle Hill;

£82.50 (mule) Whicham Hall; £76 (mule) Whicham Hall;

Prime cattle & OTM cattle

An excellent number of both Prime and OTM cattle forward today saw trade staying inline nationally. Peaking at 213.50ppkg (£1216.95) was a very well finished 570kg Limousin heifer shown by W & M M Case & Sons, Plumpton Cottage being purchased by N&S Rhodes Quality Butchers of Barrow.

Top price steer on the day was a well-fed 716kg Hereford realising 207.50ppkg also being the top pounds per head on the day of £1485.70 for vendors D C & M A Bowes, Priory Park being purchased by L Fell, Settle. OTM cattle met a very optimistic trade with a very strong Limousin cow topping the market at 145.50ppkg (£1097.07) for D H & B Satterthwaite & Daughter, High Farm being purchased by S H Bowes, Stainton.

Other Leading Prices – Prime Cattle Lim Hfr 206.50ppkg Hampsfield Hall; BB Hfr 199.50ppkg Plumpton Cottage; Gall Steer 188.50ppkg Priory Park; BSh Hfr 174.50ppkg Sales Farm; BSh Hfr 159.50ppkg Sales Farm;

Other Leading Prices-OTM Cattle Lim Cow 138.50ppkg Tenterbank; Lim Cow X2 135.50ppkg Standish Cote; Lim Cow 135.50ppkg High Farm; Lim Cow 129.50ppkg Standish Cote; BF Cow 128.50ppkg Hyton Farm;

Cast ewes/rams

A good number were forward to a trade on a par with others. Bigger types have eased slightly while hill bred types seem easier to cash. Reaching a high of £91 were Charolais ewes shown by J Tyson, The Green being purchased by J Brown, Lindal.

Leading Prices: Suffolks £87 Mansriggs Hall; Suffolks £85 The Green;

Texels £81 Beckside (Pennington); Texels £74 Ghyll Farm; Mules £65 Smithy Green; Mules £62 Hill Park; Swaledales £30 Seaton Hall; Herdwicks £47 Woodend Farm;

Breeding sheep

A small number forward reached a price of £90 for a strong pen of Texels shown by F & H D Tyson, Hycemoor and £52 for Kerry Hills shown by the same vendor.

  Avppkg Topppkg Av£/hd Top£/hd
Black 169.51 169.51 69.50 69.50
Beltex 191.21 200.28 76.25 96.50
Charolais 183.94 207.32 82.31 88.50
Mule 162.27 168.89 79.25 82.50
Suffolk 180.46 191.03 80.82 89.00
Texel 183.40 215.00 78.41 101.00
Zwartble 159.09 159.09 70.00 70.00


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