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Family’s historic Barrow cottage on the market

A CENTURIES-OLD building that witnessed one family’s births, deaths and everyday lives for generations is now up for sale.

The Grade II listed cottage in Newbarns, near Hector House, is considered by historians to be among the oldest buildings in Barrow.

The property belonged to Joan Knight, 80, who died last year leaving the cottage to her four daughters.

None of Mrs Knight’s children are able to buy the cottage and after hundreds of years it will leave the family.It is up for sale with Farrell Heyworth for £180,000.

Pauline Corbett, 61, the oldest of the four sisters, said: “We have traced our family back to our great, great, great, great grandfather, a man called John Clark, who lived in the house in 1841. I was born in that house by torchlight. My mother was born there and so was my grandmother and her mother before that. Up until around 30 years ago it was only lit by gas lamps.”

Although Mrs Corbett’s parents moved out of the house in 1953, she has fond memories of visiting her grandparents Tom and Evelyn Owen. When Mr Owen died in 1980, Mrs Knight moved back to look after Mrs Owen. Mrs Corbett said: “It was amazing, it brings back a lot of good memories.

“But it hasn’t been the same since my mother passed away. I think the magic died with her.”

Mrs Corbett, who lives in Duchy Court, off Flass Lane, Barrow, admits it will be difficult to see the property leave her family.

“It will be an emotional wrench. When I saw the for sale sign go up my stomach hit my feet. But I think after my mother dying it has come to a natural end.” she said.

Susan Benson, archivist for Cumbria County Council, said: “We know from tithes in the archive that it was around before 1841, but because of the lack of title deeds we really don’t know when the cottage was built. We do know that Hector House dates back to 1687.”

Mrs Corbett’s husband, Paul Corbett, said: “Records only go back so far, especially for ordinary working people.”

Mrs Corbett said: “My mother died where she wanted to be and now I think it is time to pass it on. I just hope the next owners will get as much happiness out of it as we did.”

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Barrow Lad, I know they'll appear magic to someone from Barra', but I think you'll find the 3 pretty 'drawings', where the people aren't moving, are called pictures. Oh, just to stop you getting confused aswell, that's not a very big women in the first one, she's just nearer than the house.


Posted by dan on 28 November 2012 at 18:43

Would a picture not have been too much trouble.For those who do not live or visit the area.

Posted by Barrow Lad on 27 November 2012 at 05:22

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